Friday, January 21, 2011

Its hard out there for a...Photographer!

SO, getting ready to do some upcoming shoots, I can't help but get so frustrated thinking about how hard it is to find a good location...
Don't get me wrong I have some cool locations for shooting...but its hard to find a good location you can shoot at, without getting kicked out, fined, or told you need a $10,000 Insurance fee!
I would totally understand if I were shooting a 6 model, fashion spread with props, assistants, wardrobe and several people around...but I usually have only about 5 people max! INCLUDING ME!
I have found some cool locations and CHEAP places to do some amazing shoots. As far as everywhere else...I guess thats what they call Gorilla Style!
I have some pretty cool and amazing friends, who allow me to use their houses, pools, backyard etc. for shoots. However, to get the shot CRASH for my BEAUTIFUL DISASTERS Series, we had a total of 4 people (me, model, assistant and Hair and Makeup Artist), and we drove behind a grocery store, jumped out of our car, set up and grabbed the shots I needed in less than 15 minutes! I'm sure if anyone saw us, they would have asked us to leave.
Here's a behind the scenes shot of that shoot.

Melissa, getting our model ready...quickly!

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  1. Oh geez! It's me!!! That hair...what was i thinking?! #live&learn haha This shoot was awesome...did the whole shoot including driving to and from location in 30 MINUTES!!! Crazy Talk!!