Sunday, January 23, 2011


I always make sure I have someone on the set of my shoots with a camera, to capture all the behind the scene shots. SO much happens to put a shot together and capture a great photo. People seem to enjoy seeing these shots, so...I'll share some with you.

showing Chris a shot

Having fun while the clay dries on Ruben...took forever!

Assistant Ryan helping keep Chris look "wet"

Model Mindy in the "body bag"

Shooting Mindy in the Body Bag shoot.

Going through some shots with Models Ryan and Marissa.

Setting up a shot with Vanessa.

Shooting Vanessa.

Getting the shot of Marissa in the "Frozen" shot.

Model Beth goofing off before we start shooting.

Behind the Scenes look at me shooting "Flood"

Placing items on the set we built, then lit on fire for the "Fire" shoot.

Models Mindy and Ryan in place and setting up the shot for "Collapsed"

After Ryan and Mindy were lying on the floor with debris all over them.

Chris, Anya and myself in FREEZING COLD WATER!

Chris, Anya and myself warming up near the fire after that COLD SHOOT!

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